The Movie

In a Pikler®Playroom

Experiences of a Parent/Child Group

A film by Stephanie Küpper and Laura Lazzarin

Language: German, Subtitles: Eng./Ital., Running time: 64 min.

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Showing empathetic pictures, the film tells the story of a parent/child group based on Emmi Pikler's pedagogy. Which pedagogical attitude allows children to experience themselves independently, to act self-reliantly and to get engrossed without being distracted? What do parents experience in these moving sessions and what can they take with them from there into their daily lives? In an increasingly fast-moving world, it is becoming more and more important for children to be given time and space to mature independently, especially at the beginning of their lives. This way they‘ll be able to lay a stable foundation by themselves enabling them healthy growth. By her pedagogical work as well as considerations about it, Stephanie Küpper invites parents, pedagogies and educators to reflect. The bases for this are the findings of Emmi Pikler who has provided us with essential insights into early childhood development by decades of research and practical work. The camera is very close to the action giving us the possibility to participate in the children‘s, parents‘ and educators‘ experiences directly. Thus it‘s becoming apparent that from the very beginning infants and toddlers do have an unlimited ambition to discover and experience the world independently. We, the adults, may witness and enjoy that, providing a loving and reliable framework that allows for a respectful approach to the child.

Stephanie Küpper is a kindergarten teacher, a graduated social educator and she is a Pikler® pedagogue. In 2001 she founded Pikler®-SpielRaum Aachen and she is working as an advisor and expert for early childhood.

Laura Lazzarin studied film and is a trained Pikler® pedagogue. Her film "Unfolding – About the Work of Ute Strub" was released in 2017. She runs playroom groups in Berlin.

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